Shoppers Rules

Rules for Shopping

When making purchases from Amazon please be aware of Amazon 3rd Party resellers. Always try to look for items that say Sold by or Fulfilled by Amazon. If not then you are buying from a 3rd party reseller.

Amazon 3rd Party Resellers. These are companies/individuals who sell their products on Some are outside the US and take a long time to ship and have additional fees. If there are additional fees from an Amazon 3rd party reseller we will contact you for approval of the additional fees. Once we get your approval we will then proceed with the order. We recommend not ordering from 3rd party resellers.

BUYING POLICY: If you order an item from an Amazon 3rd party reseller and they are unable to meet our shipping deadlines the item will be cancelled and you will be credited for that item. We do not work with or order from 3rd party resellers who delay shipping items or have long shipping times.

Items that do not meet these criteria will be automatically deleted from your CS basket or cancelled.
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