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What is the CaribShopper Webcard Account?

The CaribShopper WebCard Account is a virtual card that is assigned to you automatically when you signup with CaribShopper and can only be used to shop any online U.S. store through the CaribShopper app. It is a convenient and secure way to pay for your online transactions. To activate, simply load your CaribShopper WebCard account with funds by purchasing a CaribShopper payment voucher at any "GO" location nearest you. It is that simply and you are ready to shop!

Your CaribShopper WebCard account has no reload limit, just load funds to your WebCard account and let the shopping begin. You can shop with confidence knowing there are no worries of overdraft charges as you can only spend up to the amount you load on your CaribShopper WebCard account. There is no transactional fee when you shop using your CaribShopper WebCard account.

The CaribShopper WebCard account is convenient and easy to use, completely secure and keeps your regular business and personal accounts separate. Join thousands and activate your CaribShopper WebCard account today by signing up online for a free CaribShopper account and start shopping today. Simply load your CaribShopper WebCard account with funds by visiting a GO location location nearest you. CaribShopper Payment Vouchers are sold in increments of $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000 Jamaican Dollars (JMD).

Why get a CaribShopper WebCard account:

> No transactional fee when you use your Webcard
> No Minimum Balances
> No Monthly fee
> No overdraft charges
> Low balance notification – never run out of funds on your CaribShopper WebCard account.
> Access to special deals and promotions


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